My Love for photography


was triggered by a camera I saw in the window display of a shop when I was 15. The moment I took my first snapshot with that camera, I knew I was hooked forever.  What initially started as a hobby by doing architecture pictures for an architect friend soon became an activity with a more commercial edge. However, becoming tired by the lack of creativity that the commercial industry sometimes brings, I decided to give photography a break and let it rest until I would find my way again. One day, I looked through the lens again and saw in my visor the face of a woman that was wearing a bright red dress. She was the model of a photo-shoot in the city. Guided by the photographer in front of her, her expressions were wild and pure at the same time, bringing out emotions that buildings or objects were unable to express. I obtained a new creativity burst and realized I had found my path again.
I believe that the connection to human beings is the most inspiring in the field of photography.  Whether it is the consumer looking at a photograph and wanting to connect with the model and her product or whether it is the editor seeking a picture to emphasize the story in his magazine, everything is about connection. I try to seek this connection in my pictures by letting the portrayed persons express a feeling that matches the story I need to convey. That being said, what is equally important to expressions and feelings are composition, technique, color and light. I seek stories and I seek technical quality. Only by combining the objective with the subjective is a picture successful.
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